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Amazon Kindle Fire 2 Review

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Back for round two, the true successor to Amazon's flagship tablet is finally here in the form of the Kindle Fire (2), coming with upgraded processor, memory and battery but otherwise identical to the original model. Tempting consumers with its attractive and lower price point of $159, it's sure to raise a few suspect eyes in the process, but will it still be substantial enough to make it a worthwhile offering compared to its more impressive sibling in the Kindle Fire HD?

Kindle Fire (Gen 2) Unboxing & Gen 1 Comparison

This unboxing of the 2nd Generation Kindle Fire from Amazon shows you everything you get in the box, plus provides a quick comparison to the 1st Generation Kindle Fire

How to Take Apart the Kindle Fire 2nd Generation - This video will show you how to take apart the Kindle Fire 2nd Generation




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